Dealing with Double Chins - What You Need to do Now!

Dealing with Double Chins - What You Need to do Now!

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    A double chin is hardly easy on the eyes, more so if you're not yet old enough to cash your pension. It's one of those things that are unflattering across the board - nobody (arguably) looks better with a double chin. It's worse if you are looking for a well-trimmed jaw that does not betray the several decades that you've spent alive. And it does not help matters that the specifics of how to get rid of a double chin are hardly discussed in many beauty forums. Luckily, however, you have stumbled across this piece of valuable information. Here, we will dissect the numerous methods of how to reduce double chin, paying more attention to non-invasive DIY approaches.

    What Is A Double Chin?

    Also known as submental fat, a double chin is just the description of a layer of fat being deposited unproportionally below one's chin. Double chins are mostly associated with rapid weight gain, genetics and looser skin as age settles in. Having said that, you don't have to be overweight or medically obese to have a double chin. Sometimes hormonal imbalances can also contribute to fat cells being unevenly laid down beneath your jaw.

    Double Chin Causes - How Does It Come About?

    double chin causes

    Truth be told, a double chin is one of those things that just sneaks up on you when you hardly anticipate it. It's almost as if it appears overnight; one day you're smiling and your selfies look fantastic, the next day as you brush your teeth in front of your bathroom mirror you can't help but notice you have an extra and less flattering chin that does nothing to enhance your looks. And while there are several double chin causes, the following are the ones of the most significance.

    1. Age

    Age ranks as one of the major culprits behind a double chin face, and it is quite easy to see why. Our skin loses collagen naturally as we grow older - it's just part of the inevitable physical deterioration associated with the gradual passage of time. As such, this decrease in elasticity often results in loose and saggy skin beneath your jaw which gives you that characteristic second chin.

    2. Genetics

    One of the other major causes of double chins is linked to the genetic predisposition of having a second chin. Yes, all other factors held constant, some people are more likely to have a double chin than others thanks to their natural propensity to accumulate fat unproportionally beneath the jaw. Others have shorter jawlines than normal, something that makes double chins more conspicuous than it would be normally. A weak chin or jawline can also give you a signature double chin through no fault of your own.

    3. Weight Gain

    Sometimes a double chin implies that the fat around your cheeks and neck has nowhere else to go except beneath the jaw. In short, the double chin is just but a manifestation of a high body fat percentage and, chances are, you're medically obese or borderline overweight even if you just don't know yet.

    4. Poor Posture

    Poor posture after years of adopting a slouchy sitting or standing stance can also give you a double chin face. You see, apart from wreaking havoc to your shoulders, back and neck, such an unhealthy posture can also weaken the chin and neck muscles if adopted long enough. Combine this with saggy and aging skin and you have yourself another of the many reasons for double chin.

    Preventing Double Chin

    preventing a double chin

    Preventing double chin calls for a combination of lifestyle and cosmetic routine changes to minimize the chances of a second chin sneaking up on you. Here's a quick premise on how to avoid double chin.

    1. Keep Your Weight Within a Healthy Body Fat Percentage

    An easy way to prevent double chin is to strive to keep your BMI (body mass index) between 18 and 25 through regular exercise, healthy eating and getting enough sleep. Double chins are mostly (though not always) just an indication that you're carrying more fat than you're intended to around your face. And since spot fat reduction hardly works, you may want to keep your overall weight within that fine margin dictated by your height.

    2. Integrate a Quality Neck-firming Cream into your Cosmetic Routine

    A neck-firming or jaw-tightening salve can help sculpt your jawline long before a double chin starts to rear its ugly head. In this regard, go for organic and naturally-formulated jaw-tightening creams like Maryann's Neck Cream; make sure that they are also infused with a collagen complex to aid in the restoration of your lost elastin stores. In short, prevention is usually better than cure and you can avoid double chins by taking such a simple pre-emptive measure.

    3. Adopt a Healthy Sitting and Standing Posture

    A poor posture is not just detrimental to your spine and frame but it also makes it harder to get rid of a double chin when looking down. Train yourself always to sit or stand upright especially if you have a sedentary job that involves lengthy spells of staying in one position.

    Double Chin Exercises

    There are several double chin exercises that you can use to make your second unflattering chin less visible if done consistently and regularly. Examples include;

    • Straight jaw juts:  It's a double chin exercise that involves tilting one's head back and pushing the lower jaw upwards and forwards to the extent that you can feel a considerable stretch under the jaw. It's also a good way of breaking a lengthy sitting spell if you have a desk job that involves sitting down for considerable stretches of time.
    • Fish face: For this double chin workout, suck air in your mouth and cheeks as if you're trying to mimic or recreate a fish’s mouth. Hold the position for around 5-10 seconds before letting go. Rinse and repeat as many times as possible.
    • Neck stretching: Also known as the 'Brahma Mudra', it is one of the most common exercises to get rid of double chin that has been around for generations now. It's also an integrated yoga pose that has been shown to have a decent enough potential of toning one's neck muscles.

    Having said that, there's only so much that neck exercises for double chin can do to sculpt your jawline, particularly if you're already genetically predisposed to having a second chin. Eventually, you may want to adopt proven and practical solutions such as a reliable neck-sculpting salve that you can count on to deliver outstanding results every single time.

    The Essentials of Getting Rid of Double Chins, the Natural Way

    how to get rid of double chins

    All other factors considered, one of the best and most practical double chin remedies is simply adopting a naturally-formulated neck shaping cream that you can integrate seamlessly into your beauty routine. Maryann's Neck Firming Cream, for example, also packs a number of anti-aging and skin restorative properties as a bonus to getting rid of that extra chin that you don't need.

    At the end of the day, as much as facial exercises for double chin can help in tightening up your jawline, you will still have to inculcate other additional measures to boost their success rate. Here's where a healthy diet, plenty of physical activity and a neck shaping cream (if not for anything but as a precautionary measure) comes in. That's actually how to get rid of double chin naturally.

    Will Losing Weight Get Rid Of Double Chin?

    will losing weight get rid of double chin

    If you have a second chin, you may find yourself wondering aloud; if I lose weight will I lose my double chin? Well, it depends on several factors, among them whether or not you are genetically destined to carry a bit of weight below the chin area. That said, shedding a few pounds to look cut and lean certainly won't hurt your efforts to get rid of your double chin. If anything, a lower body fat percentage will go a long way in helping you maintain a solid and sharp jawline. It's also one of the hallmarks of having a balanced hormonal profile.

    The Takeaway - How To Lose A Double Chin Quickly?

    Honestly speaking, there are no easy shortcuts you can use to get rid of a second chin overnight, just in case you are looking for how to lose a double chin quickly. What you do have, however, is a number of approaches that will require you to put in the necessary work if at all you are to lose double chin in 2 weeks or thereabout. Our best bet would be an admixture of neck exercises, a healthy/wholesome diet, shedding a few pounds  and, most critically, a decent neck-firming salve.  The neck-firming cream is essential because you need a way to tuck in the loose skin that comes about after shedding a few pounds here or there.

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