Japan Facial Massage: Natural Treatment for Facelift

Japan Facial Massage: Natural Treatment for Facelift

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    If you are looking for new ways to look decades younger than your peers, then you have stumbled upon a gold mine of valuable information that you are not likely to get anywhere else. We're just about to dissect the new Japan facial massage and why it should be a pivotal part of your daily skincare routine.

    Also popularly known as the japanese facelift, this world-famous procedure has been used for generations in the Far East to effectively slow down aging and relieve the characteristic puffiness that comes with poor sleep hygiene or chronic stress.  In fact, if  you have ever wondered why Asian women never seem to age, then this japanese massage treatment that we are just about to unwrap is one of their age-old secrets to the proverbial fountain of youth.  It's actually lauded to be one of the  best facial massages for wrinkles that you can perform yourself at home.

    The idea here is quite simple; by simply mastering a few specific hand movements, you can relax, lift and stimulate your facial muscles enough to reduce swelling in the jaw, eye and neck area.  In other words, its a unique way of performing lymphatic drainage to improve circulation and relieve tension around your temples. And considering how strenuous and exacting our lives can be some days, we could all do with a lymphatic facial massage every morning, right?

    Facial Massage Techniques step by step

    It basically involves massaging your face using a specific set of hand movements and your favorite cream or lotion as an emollient and lubricant.  Here's a quick rundown of the world-renowned facelift massage techniques that will transform your skin over the next couple of weeks.

    1. For starters, begin by washing your face with a suitable cleaner then rinsing your hands with an antiseptic. We would recommend using MaryAnn Collagen Cream as a lubricant to prevent unnecessary friction between your palms/fingertips and your precious skin. Apart from serving as just any other lubricating oil, you will also be imparting easily-absorbable hydrolyzed collagen molecules into your skin during the procedure.  It's akin to killing two birds with one stone - you will need plenty of collagen to keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay too.
      what cream to use for facial massage
    2. It is crucial to exert ample pressure on your skin when massaging your face (obviously the pressure shouldn't be too extreme to cause discomfort or blisters). That said, you should tone it down a notch or two when working on your neck, ears or under the jaw area. What's more,  these Japanese face massage techniques ought to be repeated at least three times for maximum effectiveness.
    3. Begin your facial massage movements by pressing the tip of your fingers to the region just under the temples while cupping your ears with your palms. Now, firmly slide down all the way down to the clavicles. This movement alone (which should be repeated at least thrice and the end of each of these facial massage steps)  triggers an outflow of lymphatic fluid.  By doing this, you will have kickstarted the first of many steps of depuffing your face.
    4. Using the tips of your middle fingers, apply some minimal pressure on the outermost corners of your eyes and white maintaining this force, slide the pad of your fingers along the length of your lower eyelids while moving towards the innermost corners of your peepers.
    5. Without taking your fingers off your face, draw an arc under your brows starting from where you at this point returning to where you just started from i.e the outer part of the eyes. Repeat steps 4 and 5 at least twice for utmost effectiveness
    6. Press the tips of your ring, middle and first fingers to the dead center of your forehead. Now, with firm zigzag movements move from this point to the outer temples. Repeat this twice to stimulate circulation of blood around the forehead area. It's also believed to relieve minor migraines and nudge awake your mental faculties.
    7. Now lay your fingertips on your chin, while pressing down at least 3 fingers to the middle of the chin, move upwards and make a semi-circle which should end at your upper lip.  Make another set of semi-circles this time around moving from the wings of your nose all the way to the nasal arc. Now slide the fingertips from your nasal arc to the bottom of your cheeks then back again. Repeat the facial massage movements at least twice for best results.
      skin under chin self massage
    8. Start by placing both hands on the chin while pressing at least three fingers to the middle of the chin (similar to the start of step 7 above). Now, while maintaining this force, slide your pads to the eye's innermost corners taking care to avoid the lips. After this, slide your fingers from these eye corners to the outer temples.
    9. Start this step by having your left palm on the leftmost side of your jaw. Now, move your other hand (right one) from the rightmost edge of your jaw all the way to the temple. At this juncture, you will have to slide your fingers from the outermost corner of your eyes going towards the temple. Using your other free hand, perform step 3 above but on only the right hand of the face. Now, repeat this step but now start by having  your right palm on the right side of your jaw.
    10. Finally, place the pads of your face on the wings of your nose and apply a bit of pressure using only three fingers. Swipe these fingers along the length of your cheekbones going towards the temples.

    In Closing

    It is important to perform this massage routine step by step and in the correct order to improve your chances of getting amazing results at the end of it. Bear in mind also that this lymphatic facial massage can also double up as a facial massage for wrinkles and tightening the neck area if you substitute the collagen cream with Maryann Neck Firming Cream in step 9 above. All in all, experts recommend performing this Japanese' secret for wrinkle-free skin at least once daily and at the same time everyday (if possible) for excellent results. It wouldn’t hurt using it as your own little depuffing and massage for swelling whenever getting those recommended 8-hours-a-night of sleep is proving to be a herculean task.

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