Products for Strawberry Legs

Products for Strawberry Legs

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    Let's face it; nobody fancies the look of noticeable and dark spots on their legs, especially if they are light-skinned enough that these patches are conspicuous. Unfortunately, there are a few contributing factors that can cause these infamous 'chicken legs', ranging from crappy razors to a variety of skin problems. But the good news is that there is a fair share of products for strawberry legs that you can take advantage of to prevent and treat this potentially embarrassing condition. Actually, the best strawberry legs remedy employs a combination of OTC products and a bit of discipline on your side. Let's see, shall we?

    Employing an Exfoliator for Strawberry Legs, Does it Work?

    Here's the thing; for most people, having strawberry legs is the aftermath of a few different things. This includes but not limited to;

    • Keratosis Pilaris: You know you are dealing with KP if you have brown or red dots that are accompanied by scattered red bumps. Most of the time, you will see the same rough bumps on your upper back and at the back of your upper arms. Otherwise, it is a condition that mostly plagues people who are susceptible to eczema or dry skin. Experts believe that it is caused by the buildup of excess keratin in the skin's follicles.
    • Folliculitis: Characterized by acne-like bumps that appear almost overnight on your thighs or butt. Dermatologists agree that folliculitis is mostly caused by friction i.e considering that the white-tipped and little red dots don't usually appear all your follicles uniformly unlike what happens when you have a case of keratosis pilaris on your hands.

    In these two situations, unleashing an exfoliator for strawberry legs can go a long way in improving your symptoms and even preventing future occurrence of the same. You see, a good exfoliant like Maryann's 30% Glycolic Acid Pads employs a skin-friendly chemical base on a set of gentle wipes to help get rid of the excess dead skin build up that triggers strawberry legs. What's more, doing this regularly can loosen keratin deposits trapped inside the skin pores while, at the same time, drawing out impurities to give you a better shot at having clearer and brighter-looking legs.

    Aside from chemical exfoliation, regular physical exfoliation can also go a long way in holding off dark pores especially when paired with a proper shaving routine, a good skin care approach and the correct shaving tools. In this case, it is advisable that you exfoliate your stems regularly with a body scrub or glove that effectively polishes away the dead skin cells by loosening the oil and dirt that is already trapped within the skin pores.

    What About Salicylic Acid for Strawberry Legs?

    Apart from exfoliating, using salicylic acid for strawberry legs is yet another approach that you can try at the privacy and comfort of your bathroom to minimize and prevent the underlying skin disorders behind these bumps. Salicylic acid, in case you are wondering, is a staple in many acne prevention and treatment products that you can get in your nearby drugstore or local supermarket. Apparently, this organic acid comes in handy in banishing the acne conditions that could be massively contributing to the appearance of your strawberry legs.

    Does Glycolic Acid for Strawberry Legs Work?

    Being an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) means that glycolic acid for strawberry legs is the perfect candidate when you are looking to loosen the dead skin layer that sits atop of your legs and effectively smooth out the dark pores. Besides, using glycolic acid for legs can penetrate the skin and dissolve out the debris (sebum, dead skin and dirt) that is usually trapped within the follicles. This makes applying glycolic acid on legs a much more effective approach than physical exfoliants that attempt to 'scrub out' the bumps which could potentially irritate the skin and worsen the situation.

    And what's a better 'cleanup crew' for your strawberry legs than an approach combining both chemical exfoliation and a gentle physical brush? That's exactly Maryann's 30% glycolic acid pads are tailored for.

    In Closing

    For folks that regularly have to deal with these hideous and darkened spots on their calves, thighs and butt, regular and consistent chemical exfoliation using glycolic acid is one of the easiest and best ways of keeping strawberry legs at bay.

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