Summer Skin Care Tips For Oily, Combination And Dry Skin

Summer Skin Care Tips For Oily, Combination And Dry Skin

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    Woo-hoo! Our favorite time of the year is almost here. This means longer sunshine hours, shorter nights, less chill and more thrill. However, the advent of the next few scotching months that everyone loves also means that your skin will be screaming for more cushioning from the sun's potentially dangerous UV rays. Speaking of which, skin care in summer is without a doubt quite a dicey affair. On one hand you want to have as much fun as possible and relish being outdoors while you still can and, on the other, you have to keep those annoying sunburns, zits and rashes at bay.  It's a balancing act; but what in life isn't?

    Let's explore how we care our skin in summer, shall we?

    Summer Skin Care Routine For Oily Skin

    summer skin care routine for oily skin

    While summer comes with a few bells and whistles that make life worth living such as extra daylight hours, vacations and beach trips, summer care for skin gets a little complicated - especially if you have oily or extra sensitive skin. It means that you have to pay a little more attention to it than you often do during other months of the year, lest you risk going into fall with nasty and angry breakouts that you could have otherwise avoided.

    Here's your ideal skin care routine for oily skin in summer from us.

    i. Cleansing

    The right cleansing technique is, for all intents and purposes, the foundation to a summer skin care routine that is tailored for people with oily skin. How you remove and wash off debris after spending a long day down at the beach  has a lot of bearing on whether or not you will inadvertently trigger a breakout that will make it harder to reach your skin care goals.  Here's a run-down on the perfect cleansing summer care for skin approach to follow.

    • Use lukewarm water for washing off grime and dirt from oily skin. Unlike cold water, warm water dissolves oil and other residues more effectively that could otherwise plug and block your pores.
    • Cleansing should only be done a maximum of twice a day, don't overdo it to avoid triggering excess sebum production that could then aggravate your symptoms.
    • Make use of a gel-based cleanser that acne-fighting ingredients such as citric acid, salicylic acid and glycolic acid to keep those pimples at bay, even if you don't have a breakout yet.

    ii. Exfoliation

    Getting rid of dead skin cells is still part and parcel of the recommended summer skin care tips from leading dermatologists. However, there's a catch to it if you have oily skin. Here's a quick premise to that.

    • Resist the temptation to over-scrub your face. Exfoliating and removing dead skin twice or thrice a week is sufficient to keep blackheads at bay if you have oily skin. Any more than that and you risk stripping the epidermis of its natural moisture and oils predisposing it to dryness, which eventually leads to breakouts.
    • An exfoliation session should be followed by an application of a natural face mask to soak off that excess oil off the skin and eliminate acne-causing bacteria nestled within your pores.  The soothing ingredients on the facemask will also help restore any lost natural oils that are necessary for keeping the skin sufficiently hydrated.

    iii. Moisturizing

    Moisturizing is a tricky part when implementing the perfect summer skin care routine for oily skin. And this mostly because you have to strike the right balance between over-hydrating your skin and applying the wrong type of moisturizer altogether.  Speaking of the right moisturizer, the ideal companion for your oily skin is a water-based Hydro-Care moisturizer such as this one from Maryann Organics. It is not only fast-absorbing but also does not rile up your sebaceous glands by dissolving into the skin pores and clogging them up.

    Summer Skin Care For Combination Skin

    summer skin care for combination skin

    Figuring out a practical and effective summertime skin care routine for your combination skin can feel very much like going around in circles. Having a dry and oily skin at the same time is not exactly a piece of cake.  You have to master the art of juggling two balls with one hand.

    But that does not mean that it is impossible to craft a way of how to take care of combination skin in summer. The crux of this, of course, is figuring out a way of cleansing, toning up, exfoliating and moisturizing your dry and oily spots separately in a way that will eventually help you end up with a balanced skin profile. This means that your summer moisturizer for combination skin, for instance, will involve employing two hydrating  agents - one for the dry areas (creamy) and another one for the dry parts (a water-based and lightweight formula).

    What's more, the same applies for your cleansers, toners and exfoliating agents. You have to work out a way of using products that are meant for different skin textures for each corresponding dry or oily spot on your face. 

    Summer Skin Care Routine For Dry Skin

    summer skin care routine for dry skin

    Compared to combination skin or oily skin, dry skin summer care is a walk in the park. The entire routine should be focused and built on soothing your easily-inflamed dry skin especially if you live in a low humidity area.  This translates to sufficient and constant hydration being the centrestage of your summer skin care routine for dry skin. It's possible to split that up in three parts.

    i. Cleansing

    As far as cleansing goes, the objective ought to be choosing a quenching cleanser that can remove dirt and oil from your skin without necessarily disrupting the moisture profile of your exterior-most skin layer.  A good example of this is hyaluronic acid based cleansers.

    ii. Toning

    Go for an alcohol-free toner - alcohol is a dehydrating agent that could irritate your skin even further now that you will be spending more time out in the sun. Besides, the toner should  have an array of active ingredients such as coconut oil that are meant to restore the pH balance of your easily-flaky skin.

    iii. Moisturizing

    The best moisturizers for a dry skin this summer would be one that is non-comedogenic to avoid needlessly clogging up your pores but also oil-based to soothe your skin that may tend to crack or bleed easily in punishing summer-time temperatures.

    The Round-up: What You Should Know This Summer

    As you would expect, the most fundamental, critical and important aspect of summertime skin care is sunscreen.  Stepping out of your home without wearing a sunscreen of at least SPF 30 these next few months should be listed under your 'unforgivable errors' list.  Just don't do it. And the sunscreen protection should extend to all exposed skin including your feet, ears, lips, neck and arms too. You may also want to adjust your usual skin care routine to fit the new season. You should, for instance, start using your retinol emollient  at night rather than during the day to avoid aggravating your skin as you will now spend more time in the sun.

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