Cellulite on the Stomach: Causes and How to Get Rid of It?

Cellulite on the Stomach: Causes and How to Get Rid of It?

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    A majority of us are already accustomed to cellulite and fat rolls on the thighs, back of the legs and maybe even the tush. Nonetheless, the orange peel and dimples skin is hardly restricted to only these parts of the body. It can be found in other less flattering areas, including your stomach. Speaking of which, cellulite on stomach is not limited to specific body types, races or demographics. Abdominal cellulite can strike people of all weights, sizes and shapes. And although it does not pose any immediate health risks, belly cellulite is hardly anyone's favorite cup of tea.

    Why Do I Have Cellulite on My Stomach?

    At this juncture, if you have a bit of uncomplimentary fat rolls around the belly area, it is possible that you could be asking yourself questions like, "Why do i have cellulite on my stomach?"

    Well, here is the thing: cellulite's distinctive and hideous texture that we all love to hate is a result of fatty tissue being deposited deep under the skin. These fat rolls will then press up against your skin's connective tissue giving rise to that characteristic lumpy look. As much as these fat rolls can occur almost anywhere on the body, they tend to be more common in areas that are more prone to fatty tissue being deposited.

    While anyone can have a cellulite belly, it is a more common phenomenon in women than men as their hormonal and physiological build (in general) makes them quite susceptible to cellulite in stomach area. If anything, comprehensive studies have shown that close to 90% of women around the world have some degree of cellulite on tummy or other areas such as the thighs, upper arms or buttocks.

    Having said that, what causes cellulite on stomach? There are quite a few stomach cellulite causes but they revolve around a woman's age in one way or another. You see, your skin tends to get less elastic and thinner as you get older. As such, fat rolls that were previously inconspicuous start to become more noticeable as soon as you hit your 30s and beyond. Women who had otherwise smooth bellies in their early 20s or late teens will suddenly have to contend with an unsightly belly when they cross into middle age and beyond.

    Still, belly cellulite causes are hinged on a number of diverse factors, everything else held constant. And this includes:

    • Genetics: As unusual as it sounds, your family history plays a role in how easy it is for you to have noticeable fat rolls on the stomach. If your parents or immediate siblings have cellulite on stomach, then you are more likely to have it too.
    • Diet: Experts believe what you eat on a regular basis may have a hand on stomach cellulite causes. A diet without antioxidant-rich superfoods or plenty of water almost always results in loss of collagen, dehydrated skin and less skin elasticity. This sets the stage for cellulite in stomach area.
    • Inflammation: Experts have found evidence that inflammation precipitates the breakdown of your skin's connective tissue, which in turn, could lead to abdominal cellulite.
    • Pregnancy: The weight gain (and subsequent loss) experienced during and after pregnancy means that child-bearing women are very much at risk of sporting a cellulite stomach after having kids.
    • Weight fluctuations: Extreme weight gain or weight loss stretches your skin to the extent that it creates more room for a bigger accumulation or deposition of fat cells. These fat cells will, soon enough, manifest themselves as a cellulite tummy.

    Fortunately, with the right level of discipline and determination, you can get rid of belly cellulite within no time.

    How to Get Rid of Cellulite on Stomach?

    If you are wondering how to get rid of cellulite on stomach, then the next section should come quite handy. One of the main pointers that you have to remember is that cellulite is by, far and large, just an accumulation of fat cells. Hence, your focus ought to be getting rid of these deposited cells if you are to stand a chance of getting your smooth, wrinkle-free belly back.
    Without further ado, here's how to get rid of stomach cellulite.

    1. Exercise

    Since cellulite is composed mainly of fat cells, it goes without saying that one of the best way to get rid of cellulite on stomach is by burning the fat cells via an intensive exercise regime. Speaking of which, spot exercises such as crunches are not effective when it comes to how to remove cellulite from stomach. Instead, you need to raise your metabolic rate by doing fat-burning cardio exercises on a regular basis (preferably daily) combined with three or four strength-training sessions a week.

    The key here is to start at your current level of fitness but then increase the intensity of the cardiovascular exercises as you continually get stronger to fuel your body's fat-burning rate and, at the same time, minimize the conspicuousness of your belly cellulite over time. Some of the best cardio exercises to try, in this case, include.

    • Swimming
    • Dancing
    • Rowing
    • Bike riding
    • Brisk walking, running or jogging
    • Elliptical machine workouts

    2. Using a Cellulite Burning Cream

    Concerned about how to get rid of cellulite on your stomach but can't spend countless hours in the gym every week? Luckily for you, dermatological research and progress made in physiology has gifted us the marvel of cellulite-burning creams. These 'hot creams' combine an array of carefully selected ingredients whose sole purpose is to elevate the metabolic rate of the underlying connective tissues harboring the fat cells.

    Now for these tissues to sustain this increased demand for energy, they are forced to melt the fat rolls responsible for your cellulite belly progressively. If applied regularly and consistently, this has the intended effect of smoothing out the skin of your stomach by diminishing the conspicuousness of fat folds.

    One of these revolutionary creams that have taken the cosmetic world by storm is Maryann's Anti-Cellulite Hot Cream. The workout enhancer employs a unique combination of caffeine and vitamin E to burn fat while at the same time moisturizing the pre-worked skin.

    3. Laser Treatment

    Depending on your current skin condition, laser treatment is yet another approach that you can use to answer the question of how to remove cellulite from stomach. Although a bit expensive compared to other less invasive methods, it has been shown to be quite effective in diminishing the general appearance of the fat rolls that form the cellulite.

    The method works by boosting the flow of blood under the skin while simultaneously tightening it in a bid to make it appear less dimply. In fact, observation shows that laser treatments targeting a cellulite-laden belly could help diminish the amount of fat-accumulated tissue in the area whilst thickening the skin progressively. Over time this could result in less noticeable lumps under your skin.

    4. Subcision

    Quite an invasive method of getting a solution to 'How do i get rid of cellulite on my stomach?' but may work nonetheless. This approach typically involves the insertion of needles under the skin in an attempt to break up the visceral bands that form cellulite on your stomach. So far, it has been proven to be effective for only up to three years before cellulite makes a comeback. As such, repeat procedures in the future are not an option.

    5. Body Wraps

    Body wraps are yet another quite overlooked way of how to lose cellulite on stomach. As the name suggests, they involve wrapping your tummy area with a pre-heated swathe that is infused with a concoction of essential creams and oils to shrink the fat cells and smooth out the cellulite folds. That being said, as much as you are likely to notice a bit of weight loss while using this approach, most of the time you'll have lost water weight but not fat as per se. In a way, it is at best just a temporary mode of treatment.

    6. Acoustic Wave Therapy

    It is a relatively new way of how to get rid of belly cellulite that is slowly but surely gaining a ton of popularity. AWT, as it is acronymically known, involves passing a series of 'shock waves through the skin in an effort to disrupt the tissues that form the cellulite. Apart from triggering a crucial fat-burning process that may help you lose a few inches around your midsection, it also boosts the elasticity and collagen of the skin on the treatment area for a greater smoothing effect.

    The Takeaway

    Getting rid of belly cellulite may prove to be a little frustrating but it is by no means not doable. As you can see, with the right level of commitment, determination and consistency, you can banish those unsightly bands on your tummy and reclaim your youthful body within a reasonable timeframe.

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