Dealing with Men Bags Under Eyes - The Basics

Dealing with Men Bags Under Eyes - The Basics

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    There are quite a few reasons why men bags under eyes is becoming such a common phenomenon nowadays. One of the reasons is that more men are having to work longer hours than usual to put food on the table than before. Also, it certainly does not help that men eyes rarely get the cosmetic attention that women's peepers get in the mainstream media. Having said that, it certainly does not mean that the topic of men under eye bags can just be swept under the carpet as it is becoming such a growing concern nowadays.

    Fortunately, we have taken the trouble of reviewing why men get purple under eye and some of the easiest ways of banishing puffy eyes men.

    Here's the Difference Between Dark Circles and Bags

    There's literally no denying that the term dark circles men is sometimes used interchangeably with men under eye bags and there's a good reason for that. Here's the thing, the skin under the eyes is among the most sensitive to damage and an array of problems ranging from puffiness, dark circles and hyperpigmentation. And as much as most people may not acknowledge it, the issue of men dark circles is slowly becoming a growing concern in a world that leaves very little room for relaxation, leisure or self-care.

    Having said that, the main difference between dark circles and bags is that while men bags under eyes mostly refers to the characteristic swelling and puffiness that some men routinely get under their peepers, circles under eyes men is mostly a reference to hyperpigmentation. Speaking of which, the dark area between eyes and nose is routinely confused with dark circles especially in men who are genetically predisposed to a change in pigmentation.

    The bottom line is that while baggy eyes men are more or less the mild swelling that comes in the aftermath of getting very scanty sleep, dark circles mostly refers to the change in pigmentation triggered by either dehydration or diet.

    What Causes Dark Circles Under Eyes in Men?

    As identified earlier, the skin under your peepers is relatively thinner and more sensitive to cosmetic changes than other parts of your face. As such, it remains one of the few areas that are likely to show signs of deterioration, stress and ageing as soon wrinkles set in. And this applies regardless of your gender - men and women alike. What's more, a change in the colour or pigmentation of the skin under your peepers is likely to be more visible and noticeable than other parts of your complexion.

    In addition to this, it is important to remember that it becomes way easier for fluid to build up under your peepers the older than you get. In other words, since the skin under your eyes is thin and quite delicate, it's easier for anyone to notice the build-up and characteristic darkening in direct comparison to other parts of your face.

    So, what causes dark circles under eyes in men? The truth is that there is no shortage of allergy dark circles caused in men today. Besides, while some men are more likely than others to show dark circles under their peepers, other men are quite resilient as far as weathering the causes of dark circles go.
    That being said, here are some of the reasons male bags under eyes may show when you least expect it.

    1. You Barely Get Enough Sleep

    Lack of sufficient and restful slumber is without a doubt one of the main causes of dark under eyes men today. The skin routinely repairs itself when you are asleep. In one way or another, it means that not getting sufficient sleep contributes immensely to eye bags forming in men.

    2. You are Genetically Predisposed to Getting Dark Circles

    There's no denying that some people are more likely to get dark circles under their peepers than others. Part of the reason is that they may be inherently more likely to show pigmentation when compared directly to others. Besides, since your genetic profile controls and influences your complexion and degree of pigmentation, it goes without saying that eye bags men are a function of one's heredity.

    3. You are Getting Older

    Getting old and grey is a natural part of life and there's very little you can do to stomp the brakes on the kind of deterioration that comes about with the passage of time. Intrinsically, as you get older the skin on your face gets progressively thinner and loses fat or collagen. And if this happens under your peepers, where the blood vessels and capillary network is closer to the surface, the skin appears darker and hyperpigmented than the rest of your face. Sooner or later, circles under eyes men follow.

    4. You Have an Allergic Reaction

    Having allergy dark circles is another big reason some men end up with puffy bags under their peepers. The allergic reaction could be triggered by several factors, including but not limited to pollen or dust especially in the spring and early summer.

    5. You are a Habitual Smoker

    Smoking is, without a doubt, one of the most destructive things that you can do to your skin. Apart from wreaking havoc on the underlying physical structure that gives your skin volume and a youthful plump, billowing smoke to your face increases the likelihood of it seeping into the skin. Essentially, the smoke rearranges the fat around your peepers to droop below your eyes.

    6. You Routinely Consume Very Salty Food

    Another surprising trigger for men dark circles under eyes is eating very salty food too often. The salt ends up being deposited under your skin that then culminates in a build-up of fluid thanks to the increased osmotic pressure. As you may have already guessed, more fluid then translates to puffy eyes men look.

    Easy Ways to Get Rid of Dark Circles Men

    Truth be told, it is not easy or straightforward to get rid of dark circles men but that does not imply that it is impossible either. A combination of home remedies and professional mens eye bags treatment exists to help you beat pigmentation under your eyes. That aside, the art of how to get rid of eye bags for men entails isolating the cause or trigger of the dark circles and doing the best you can to stay away from the causative agents.

    Here's a quick primer on effective dark circle treatment for mens in today's dermatological world.

    1. Change or Improve your Sleeping Habits

    As much as getting enough sleep sounds simplistic and quite a cliche in the long term aspect of things, you will be flabbergasted by just how helpful and efficacious it is when it comes to eye bag removal for men. The rule of the thumb is targeting at least seven hours of sleep every night for most of the days of the week. Besides, you are likely to be more refreshed, alert and productive after getting a good night of sleep.

    2. Drink Plenty of Fluids Throughout the Day

    Staying hydrated is a recommended way of how to get rid of dark circles under eyes guys especially if you are an active or outdoors person. It may not seem like it but being dehydrated contributes immensely to eyebags that eventually morph into dark circles. What's more, drinking enough water a day (at least 2 litres) makes your body less likely to retain water or fluid. This, therefore, implies that you are also less predisposed to eye bags under your eyes.

    3. Invest in a Good Eye Cream

    Still at a loss on how to get rid of dark circles under eyes fast without makeup? The answer lies in a good eye cream. Applying a well-formulated eye cream such as Maryann Day and Night Cream can make a world of a difference in rejuvenating those tired-looking and puffy eyes. Apart from restoring the collagen balance in the skin of your underneath your peepers, such an eye cream also hydrates the skin underneath your eyes keeping it smooth and elastic.

    This kind of unique approach to remove dark circles under eyes men aids in combating the visible signs of deterioration and ageing from a cellular level. Hence, you are less likely to see dark circles, fine lines and puffy eyes as soon as you start applying the cream on a regular basis.

    4. Eat Less Spicy and Salty Food

    Increased consumption of salt, as we have isolated before, eventually leads to fluid retention that then culminates into puffy eyes and dark circles in men. In one way or another, the more salt you take, the more likely it is for your body to hoard fluid. The fluid builds up in the extremely delicate under-eye area thereby showing up in the form of puffy and tired-looking eyes. Fortunately, you only have to cut back your consumption of salt-laden foods to get rid of dark circles under eyes men. This includes the likes of smoked food e.g bacon, soups, canned vegetables and processed meat e.g sausages and chipolatas.

    5. Make Use of Collagen-based Under Eye Masks

    Under-eye masks are an excellent way of depuffing, moisturizing, smoothening and repairing the extremely delicate area under your eyes. And as far as this goes, one of the best in the business is Maryann's Under Eye Collagen & 24K Gold Masks. The peels employ a potent combination of hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and collagen to deliver a visibly youthful complexion where puffy eyes and dark circles once stood.

    6. Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

    If you are a smoker, the easiest dark circles under eyes treatment men are to stop smoking immediately. Tobacco smoke does irreparable damage to your skin and also disintegrates collagen which is responsible for giving it structure and volume. Speaking of a healthy lifestyle, another way to banish dark circles in men is exercising regularly and for a longer spell. Apart from boosting blood circulation, regular intense exercise also makes your body less likely to retain fluid, which translates to less puffiness overall.

    7. Stop Rubbing or Touching Your Eyelids

    A simple eye bag removal for men is to avoid rubbing your eyes constantly, particularly if you are fond of doing so. You see, rubbing your eyes damages and breaks down the tiny blood vessels that populate the skin just under your eyes. Those damaged blood vessels typically appear as darkened marks under your eyes.

    8. Get into a Habit of Wearing Sunscreen

    Alongside a good eye cream, you should also wear sunscreen to mitigate the damage that UV rays impact on your skin. If left unchecked, unprotected exposure to the sun's unrelenting rays damages collagen and elastin that is responsible for keeping your skin youthful and plump. And sooner or later dark circles and puffiness follow.

    9. Cold Compress

    Shrinking your blood vessels is a legitimate dark circle treatment for men especially if you are already genetically likely to have puffy eyes. Cold compressing the area under your eyes also makes puffy eyes less conspicous in those days when getting the proverbial 9 hours of sleep in a night is a really Herculean task.

    10. Adopt Home Remedies for Dark Circles

    This includes the likes aloe vera, coconut oil and tomato juice masks. These ingredients have unique anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and anti-ageing effects that could prove valuable when it comes to how to get rid of eye bags for guys. Coconut oil, particularly, is a natural skin healer that promotes one's skin if massaged regularly under your eyes.

    The Takeaway

    This guide of how to get rid of dark circles under eyes guys takes into account that sometimes dark circles and puffiness, in general, are products of genetic predisposition or as a result of advanced age. In such cases, your options are highly limited as it may prove to be almost impossible to get rid of such puffiness in its entirety.

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